A French eye

at the world's assault

could be a good start to describe Guillaume's work.
When he talks about inspiration,
many personnal interests cross his professional line :
Independent music and cinema,
discovering « outside the box » cultures,
classic and contemporary art forms,
eternal friendships and chance meetings
build the base of his creation's work.

Since he began photography over a decade ago,
Guillaume has always loved to mix film and digital,
B&W and acid colors, portraits and products,
wild landscapes and urban culture.

His multiple hats as director of photography,
light engineer, photographer and team leader
have allowed him to improve his expertise
of graphic team management and leadership
in various countries such as France, UK, Belgium,
Morocco, Israel, Canada, Mongolia and Thaïland,
among others.

Giving a lot of credit to the human factor,
he earned his clients and collegues' respect .
As a challenger, his rigor and professionalism
are a clear advantage when it comes to deadlines or budget.